Local | Roots

We organise events on a weekly basis, inviting local change makers, professionals from various fields, as well as national and international start-ups, to share their experiences, insights and invaluable knowledge with our community.

Global | Mindset

Founders Club organises Start-up Trips across Europe, with past trips including London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Barcelona.
Our support network reaches well beyond the boundaries of our local community.

Open | Culture

Our community and events are open to everyone. No need for prior knowledge or any start-up idea in mind already.
Join the community and get one step closer to becoming a Founder!



Founders Club aims to be a place, where young, driven, and passionate founders find likeminded people to spark new ideas, build their business, and grow their network.


Founders Club is an open and international network of entrepreneurial people that support and encourage each other to think big, free, and bold.


Founders Club is a knowledge platform that is built on the values of sharing, openness, and independence to support personal growth and to learn what one needs to start their business.

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The people behind Founders Club: Co-Drivers

Those, who have shaped Founders Club in the past: Former Co-Drivers

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"I always enjoy going back to Maastricht and spending a few hours with the Founders Club crew. The energy of young people coming together and speaking about their dreams is truly inspiring."

Raphael Teufel
Analytics Consultant at InterWorks

"It is such a great experience to speak in a room full of passionate, inquisitive and like-minded people. Few places have that atmosphere. It's certainly unique."

Javier Báez García
Co-Founder at Belingual

"Entrepreneurship is not a solo sprint, but a team marathon with a clear purpose.” This was the conclusion made after the workshop I delivered last night at Founders Club Maastricht. It was so inspiring to see so many young and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to help others and fix the world."

Aleksandar Shopski
Aleksandar Shopski
Founder Cyber Peacekeeping Forces & The Future Firefighters

"I love Founders Club. The people are very motivated and provide you with a lot of energy. I enjoyed the talk very much."

Frank Kalf
Frank Kalf
Founder Flessenpost Dranken


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TSH Collab is a friendly, focused coworking space that’s home to creatives, startups and today’s revolutionaries – people who are trying to change the world, but want to have fun doing it.

When you bring such a unique mix of people together, you’re going to end up with something special — a buzzing, inspiring hub of contagious energy. Every day, they share their knowledge, make new connections and push each other forward.

DutchSE joins the forces of local student entrepreneurship communities and in that way creates a strong national network. With that network we can increase the means, knowledge and passion of student entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

WISE BCI is a hands-off investment firm with a focus on information technology, business services and consumer services.


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