About Us


We believe that Maastricht, centered in the Euregio with neighbouring cities such as Aachen, Eindhoven and Liege and being home to one of the most renowned universities in Europe is a great place for entrepreneurship to happen.

Founders Club aims to be the go-to place in Maastricht for student entrepreneurs and for young people interested in entrepreneurship to gain the most basic knowledge they need to get in contact with like minded people.



Founders Club gathers on a weekly basis in our Founders Garage at Capucijnenstraat 21.

In every meeting another topic will be discussed, e.g. “Idea Generation”, “Customer Development”, “The Business Model Canvas”, “How to fund a startup?”, “What are the legal issues when creating your own business?”, etc. Both the Co-Drivers and the members set the topics so that only topics that actually are of interest will be discussed.

The meetings are then prepared together with members, i.e. if someone is an expert in a certain field or if he/she is particularly interested in that field, they can voluntarily help preparing the meeting in form of a presentation, workshop, or discussion.

More practical group discussions, workshops, guest-lectures, as well as startup pitches and conferences complement the meetings and provide the Founders with a good starting point for their entrepreneurial career.

Our meetings are very interactive and hands-on, spurring members to learn from each other in a comfortable and open-minded environment. Every session is first articulated with a theory part that will be prepared and presented. The second part of each meeting consists of a workshop in which the founders can apply the acquired knowledge. The application of knowledge can take various forms ranging from case analyses about existing start-ups, real life simulation, an interactive presentation of an entrepreneur or a presentation/discussion about a certain topic. Entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and receive constructive feedback about it.

The goal of these meetings is that students feel empowered to pursue their ideas and that they get guidance throughout the process of their business creation, starting from the stage of idea generation over getting feedback on their startup pitch, to knowing what they need to know to receive funding from investors.

In addition to the weekly meetings we aim to foster the community through trips and various events in which we discover the startup eco-system of an entrepreneurially driven city. Amsterdam and London were among the first destinations with many more to come on the “Bucket List”.



Founders Club serves as an exchange platform where students with an entrepreneurial mindset can meet in order to learn everything they need to start their own business and to get to know other people with the same goal. The Founders will have the opportunity to build up a network with like minded people, find a potential co-founder, interact and exchange ideas and foremost be part of a thriving community.

Founders Club is a great springboard, not only for future career opportunities for students and young entrepreneurs but also to build up your knowledge and fill in the gaps you might have.

Most Founders join with the goal to realise their ideas and set up their entrepreneurial ventures with the help of genuinely interested and skilled people from various backgrounds and at different stages of their studies or careers.

If you are not sure about whether becoming an entrepreneur is the right path for you, you are welcome to join and get an impression of what entrepreneurship is about!

We are looking forward to see you in one of our next meetings!