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The main goal of the Founders Club Membership is to promote the formation of a community of entrepreneurially minded people in Maastricht and around the world. However, as a member you also have certain definite advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Possibility to have your own profile created on the Founders Club website (members section)
  • Possibility to post your early-stage startup company (determining whether your startup is up to the Co-Drivers)
  • Priority seats on trips, where there are more applicants than available spots
  • Access to the slides of every talk hosted by Founders Club
  • You get to claim that you support Founders Club!


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The annual membership fee of Founders Club Maastricht is 20€ plus an additional goodwill amount X€, which you determine yourself. Founders Club asks a small annual membership fee in order to fund its activities and to buy supplies that are needed for weekly meetings and co-working sessions. These membership fees are spent in a way such that the number of members benefiting is maximized. You will be asked again after one year whether you want to extend your membership and how much you are willing to pay.

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