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At Founders Club it is our main goal to promote the formation of a community of entrepreneurially minded people in Maastricht and around the world. For this, we organise events every week where we invite inspiring speakers from all over Europe to come to Maastricht and share their insights with us.

However, in order to achieve our mission, we need the support of our amazing community!

So, if you want to help Founders Club grow and become an even greater place for people to connect, share and help each other out, we would love for you to become a member using our new membership-service Patreon!


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Becoming a member will enable you to not only brag how you make this all possible but also become a part of our community of members where we share special content and insights, have special offers only for members and also just have great conversations about entrepreneurship and what not.
Furthermore, we are currently working on some great new benefits for members that you definitely do not want to miss out on!