Two years Founders Club

Founders Club Maastricht celebrated its second birthday. Describing Founders Club as being grown up would be exaggerated, but we are standing on two feet. Independent. Growing. And most importantly devoted to spurr the spark of entrepreneurship in Maastricht and the Euroregio. This is also a goodbye post for me as a co-driver. It is a […]

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Startup 101

This article is the script of the Founders Club Maastricht session 22nd September 2015. Thank you to all  Founders Club members to show up.   I cannot teach you how to start a startup. That is not the intention of today’s session. Last week we received the feedback that it would be cool to get […]

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MakerPoint Maastricht

Visit at MakerPoint

“Maybe we are too early. But maybe we are exactly at the right point in time with 3D printing. The next years will determine whether we are on the right path.” With these words Rik Theunissen, co-owner of MakerPoint Maastricht, described smoothly how it feels to own a 3D-Printing shop. It expresses the feeling of […]

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September 14

One year Founders Club

“Sex is amazing” is the first sentence of a brilliant pitch  by Stefan Broda, CEO and Co-founder of Beforewedo.What a great start. Attention is up. Everybody listens. Because we all agree. My start here is differently. “Everyone can be a founder. An entrepreneur.” You all agree? Well, technically I am right. All it needs is […]

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