Kajo Collection

Travelling Fine Art Gallery

Kajo Collection is a traveling fine art gallery created by Katharina Joseph, with the mission to support and promote emerging artists all around the world.
Kajo Collection constantly circles the globe to expose artworks of contemporary artists, who without support struggle to position themselves in a highly competitive art world. Kajo Collection will host its debut exhibition in the heart of Venice this summer.
Katharina Joseph is the inspiring mind and founder of the traveling gallery. Living a jet-set life between all continents, having worked at some of the most prestigious art fairs, Katharina has felt the increasing desire to dedicate her life to the world of art.
Our mission is to support emerging artists to provide exhibition spaces around the world. A passionate team of art experts ensures strong support for the artists, who become part of Kajo Collection’s portfolio. We wish to foster and promote our artists in order to stimulate society's need for artistic creations.
Leaving an inspirational spark wherever Kajo Collection appears to encourage emerging artists to pursue their dream with our help. The gallery travels to be ever present around the world