London is not only known for being the financial capital of Europe, home to London Eye or the startup scene of Europe but also the hub for foodies! Visiting London being a food addict is an amazing adventure. Luckily, we had time in our intense program to visit some great places. The first place to be mentioned is the Borough market. It is located in Southwark in Central London and it said to be one of the largest and oldest (11th century!) markets in the city. The variety of food found can be overwhelming. As much as its quality. You can encounter beautiful produce, freshly squeezed juices or amazing pastries. That wonderful tomato and basil focaccia will stay in my mind for a long time. What is more one can find a variety of charcuteries, full of surprises including rabbit salami; veal, lemon and thyme sausages and last but not least blood, wine and chocolate black pudding! One can find ice cream made from organic milk, freshly prepared paella and venison burger. I still regret not having the last one. Why didn’t I? Because I haven’t told you the best part – you can try almost anything. Which on one side is great and very pleasurable but on the other for a foodie like me it makes it impossible to actually choose anything in a limited period of time we had. Nevertheless, I decided to go for an oyster. Yes, only one. But how exquisite it was! Well done Borough Market!


The next great stop on the food map of London was a welcoming Bricklane market where one could find distinctive types of cuisine from around the globe. What was great again, it was possible to taste almost anything before buying it which for a person so undecided when it comes to great life decision such as: what will I eat today, was an amazing feature. One could choose from a variety of Asian and African dishes, through more known Italian cuisine to Latin American food. I went for Ethiopian samosas filled with green lentils. They were greasy and delicious. Then, I chose Jamaican pork which was sweet and spicy, accompanied by fried bananas (however not sweet) and rice with black beans. This was refreshing, new and very yummy! For desert I bought a wonderful brigadeiro which is a type of Brazilian bonbon – full of chocolate and nuts. It was a heavenly surprise and a great way to finish the meal. Everyone of the group was satisfied with the food and the atmosphere of the district. It was a pity we had to leave (and you can see in the photo that I was the only person without a smile because even though I enjoyed the food immensely, I was very sad I couldn’t explore the market more). When back in London, I will definitely come back here.

London is an amazing place for foodies, people who love eating or just want to eat something relatively cheap and freshly made, so when you drop by the next time – don’t forget to get indulged with the London food scene!

Written by Katarzyna Kamińska. Thank you so much. Feel free to contact her: