Startup Pitch Workshop

Founder's Club HQ September 15, 2015 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Raphael Teufel
Justus Niemzok

Dear Founders

Join our next meeting on Tuesday:) It doesn’t matter if you missed out on our previous meetings as everyone can join anytime!

Also, Founders Club is open to eveyone, so it doesn’t matter if you are just interested in Entrepreneurship or if you already have your own startup, feel always free to walk in and check it out…

In our next meeting we will learn how to successfully pitch your idea in a workshop where everyone can practice their pitching skills.

Life is a continuous stream of pitch. It begun in your early years when you were yelling to your mum’ that you would like to have an ice-cream. Followed in teenage years trying to give 3 good reasons to your parents why you should have money to get out. Later it gets professional, you pitch yourself and convince your future employer why he should take you and not another one. Thereby everything is pitch-able. It can be a new business idea or an existing start-up, a presentation about a subject you’re passionated about or even a pitch about how awesome you are. In case of a business idea you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback and valuable insights from the other founders.

Here you can find the presentation of this meeting:

[slideshare id=58570807&doc=160216pitchingworkshopsmall-160222185143]